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To subscribe/unsubscribe to a feed you must first verify your email address. If the email address you enter is not already verified, an email message will be sent for that purpose. That email message contains a "Verification Code" and further instructions to complete this one time process. To subscribe to a feed click the checkbox next to the publisher's logo. Click an already checked box and that subscription will be cancelled. Click "mySubs" to have your feeds emailed to you.

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greenfloyd.org by Floyd Ferris Landrath

A standard RSS/Atom feed consist of items and links, often with a time stamp and item (article) summary which may contain additional links, images or enclosed media found in the feed. This web site is based on the idea that feeds need to be easily accessible, concise and shareable. There are now (May '16) forty-one publishers' feeds available on greenfloyd.org. Adding additional publishers is open to suggestion, see the "Suggest a feed" feature below and use the comments to encourage others to suggest a feed you'd like see here. The order of the publishers is based on a score, the number of clicks each has received over the course of time.

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